Understanding 15 Side Effects of Excessive Masturbation for Women

Understanding 15 Side Effects of Excessive Masturbation for Women

Posted Date: May 6th, 2024

Masturbation is the normal and natural human sexuality aspect that involves getting sexual pleasure from your genitals. It’s considered to be a taboo subject that many engage in, including women. But does masturbation daily cause health concerns? Are there any side effects of excessive masturbation in female? There are many conceptions about female masturbation that every individual should know. In this blog, we will tell you some common side effects of masturbation in female daily and shed light on this aspect related to your sexual health. So, scroll down to get more detail here!


What is Masturbation?


Masturbation is generally considered as the act of stimulating one’s own genitals to achieve sexual pleasure. For women, this act typically involves touching or rubbing the clitoris, vulva, or vagina to get pleasure. This is considered to be the normal and healthy behavior whether you are doing it alone or with your partner, but excess of doing anything can lead to many health concerns.


What are the benefits of masturbation?


Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity. Although with limited studies on the benefits of masturbation, there are studies on sexual intercourse and stimulation. Masturbation has both physical and mental health benefits, such as:
Stress Relief: By triggering the release of endorphins (natural mood lifters) masturbation can act as a stress reliever. It provides a safe way to relax by getting complete sexual pleasure.


1. Improved Sleep: Masturbation can also promote better sleep quality by releasing endorphins. Similarly, goes for female masturbation, provides them to fall asleep faster and experience a restful sleep cycle.


2. Better Mood Lifter: Masturbation increases the production of dopamine and oxytocin which are generally related to pleasure. It gives both women and men an improved mood and a sense of happiness.


3. Sexual Exploration: Masturbation helps women explore more about their bodies and helps them to know their own sexual desires. Especially girls’ masturbation helps them to know what feels more pleasurable to them.
Improve your Pelvic Floor Health: Masturbation can strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which may help prevent urinary indulgence and improve sexual satisfaction.


4. Self-Empowerment: Masturbation develops self-love, acceptance, and confidence by allowing women to take control of their sexual satisfaction that help to promote a better self-image.


15 common side-effects of Excessive Female Masturbation


Despite being providing many health benefits; there are also many side effects of masturbation in girls or women’s, such as:


1. Decreased Sensitivity: Masturbation can lead to desensitization of the clitoris and vaginal tissues that make it difficult to achieve orgasm while doing sexual activity.


2. Difficulty of proper sexual functioning: This is one of the common disadvantages of masturbation, as overwhelmed of genitals through it can disrupt the natural sexual response cycles that lead to struggle with lubrication and orgasm.


3. Genital Irritation: Sometimes doing aggressive or excessive masturbation techniques can cause genital irritation and may lead to some serious infection.


4. Feeling of guilt: Emotional distress is another common disadvantage of doing excessive masturbation. As it may continuously contribute to the feeling of shame and anxiety about sexuality especially if it impacts relationships.


5. Decrease of Libido: As we said earlier, masturbation can also impact less sexual desire as the female body becomes more accustomed to the intense excitement and to feel more satisfied, it requires more.


6. Fatigue and Weakness: Females can feel weakness, fatigue and lethargic due to releasing of neurotransmitters and hormones during masturbation.


7. Relationship Stress: Dissatisfaction situations in the relationship can be occurred due to excessive masturbation as it may detract from intimacy with a partner.


8. Lead to Addiction: Many women develop a compulsive need to satisfy their sexual desires that can cause addiction-like behaviors and difficulty to control sexual urges.


9. Distorted Body Image: In achieving orgasm or perfecting masturbation techniques may cause a distorted body image and unrealistic expectations of sexual performance.


10. Reproductive Issues: Through masturbation, chronic overexcitement of the reproductive organs can cause disruption in hormonal balance and menstrual cycles, which may also impact fertility.


11. Urinary Issues: During masturbation, women put excessive pressure on the pelvic area that can cause urinary tract issues, such as frequent urination or urinary urgency.


12. Physical Injury: In many cases, some people love to do aggressive or rough masturbation techniques that can cause physical injury to the genitals area, whichever is bruising, tearing, or even nerve damage.


13. Social Withdrawal: As many individuals prioritize alone sexual activity over social interactions, excessive masturbation can also lead to social withdrawal.


14. Anxiety: Chronic masturbation can complicate performance anxiety and self-doubt during sexual activity with partners which also lead to difficulties with arousal or orgasm.


Decreased Self-Esteem: Excessive masturbation can also affect the individual’s self-esteem or overall mental health as it may continuously develops the feeling of guilt, shame, or not enough for anyone.


What do Experts Say About Masturbation?


On masturbation, many experts believe that it is a normal and healthy part of human sexuality. When it is practiced in moderation, both men and women can get more physical and emotional benefits. On the other side, they also believe that excessive masturbation can cause many health concerns if it interferes with individual daily life and relationships. However, it is important for women to find a balance and seek help if they experience negative consequences from their masturbation habits.




In summary, masturbation is the normal act of getting sexual pleasure but it is essential to be mindful of the potential side-effects of excessive masturbation. By understanding them and practicing in moderation, you can maintain a balance between your sexual health and overall well-being. If you experience any difficulties related to masturbation, seeking guidance from a healthcare professional can provide support and guidance.




QUES 1: Does female Masturbation affect hormones?

ANS: Yes, female masturbation affects hormones such as increasing the release of endorphins, dopamine, or oxytocin.


QUES 2: Will masturbation ruin your partner’s sex?


ANS: Masturbation generally won’t ruin your partner’s sex life. However, excessive masturbation or neglecting intimacy with your partner can potentially lead to relationship issues.


QUES 3: Is masturbation safe during pregnancy?


ANS: Yes, masturbation is generally safe during pregnancy unless it is advised by a healthcare professional.


QUES 4: How often do women masturbate? A day? A week?


ANS: The frequency of women’s masturbation depends on individual needs, many women masturbate daily, while others prefer to do it less, such as weekly or monthly.

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